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Hi, I’m Laura Andors, the owner and founder of Mind and Body Health Coaching. 

Mind and Body Health Coaching offers individualized health coaching centered around lifestyle change. We work with those who want to reduce their stress level, gain life balance, and increase their general mental, emotional, and physical health

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Ann L.
Alexandria, VA

I cannot recommend Laura highly enough. As a chronic starter-but-not-finisher of goals, her coaching sessions have unraveled some of my thoughts and habits that have created obstacles and identified healthy and positive alternatives. “Progress over perfection” is a huge paradigm shift for me. Laura is positive and warmly inviting in her approach and has an enormous reservoir of resources for every concern or challenge we discussed. It has been enlightening and motivating--everyone could benefit greatly from her work!

Shannon D.
Waterbury, VT

For someone who has been prone to anxiety and stress for most of their life, I finally came to the realization I needed help managing this. That’s when I turned to Laura for support. Her sincere, caring, organic and mindful approach to everyday stressors has helped me (and my family!) tremendously. Her invaluable knowledge on essential oils, breathe work, mindfulness and all things holistic have taught me how to live a more mindful and meaningful lifestyle.

Sara VanderGoot
Co-Owner of Mind the Mat Yoga and Pilates

What I love most about collaborating with Laura at Mind Body Health Coaching is that she comes up with creative ideas for us to work on together that benefit her business, my business, and most of all our clients.  Laura is a pleasure to work with.  She is fun, optimistic, hard-working, and talented at what she does.  She truly cares about other businesses and business owners in the community and seamlessly makes connections between people.  She is a true team player and community leader!

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