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Mind and Body Health Coaching offers gentle

individualized health coaching,
focusing on upgrading 

mindset and lifestyle habits.

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We can help  you

Reduce your stress level

Gain life balance

Improve your mental and physical health


"I struggled with chronic, high stress for a decade. I regularly felt overwhelmed, worried, and burnout.

Now I help others leave those feelings in the past as I did, so they too can enjoy improved mental and emotional health.

Stress is not only a threat to mental health but physical health, too. Its impact on health conditions and disease is dangerously underestimated.

I support clients in making lasting mindset and lifestyle changes so they can experience reduced stress levels,  increased health, and gain life balance."

Workshop & Insomnia Coaching
Indiv & Group Coachin


10 Weeks -  50-Minute Sessions

Together, we will bring awareness to your habits, set your goals, and create bio-individual action steps that support your intentions. I will provide some recommendations, a variety of handouts, and unlimited email support. 

Individual Coaching

Interactive Workshop

45 Minute Event

Topics: Stress Management, Breathing Techniques, Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Activity, Self-Care, & Essential Oils

You'll receive an introduction to the chosen topic and learn about how it pertains to stress. You'll leave with new information, increased self-awareness, and practical advice.  This is an interactive experience and not just a lecture. 

You can schedule a workshop at a corporate office during lunch hour or as an employee activity event. Workshops can also be scheduled at fitness studios, churches, parent groups, and more. 

Interactive Workshop


6-10 Sessions  -  Session length will vary by group size


Topics: Stress Management & Mindful Eating

Group coaching is a great, cost-effective way to gain benefits from coaching. Many people find it to be more effective to work alongside others with similar goals. Accountability is an added bonus of group coaching. Despite being in a group setting, everyone will have specific goals and action steps as we strongly believe in bio-individuality at MBHC.

This is a good fit for couples, friends, or parent groups. Businesses like wellness centers, fitness studios, and corporate offices find benefits from offering group coaching to their clients or employees.

Group Coaching


8-Week Online Program + Individual Coaching Sessions

In addition to running Mind and Body Health Coaching, Laura works with Sleep Science Academy as an insomnia coach. 

If you have been struggling with insomnia and have tried everything with no luck, the program at Sleep Science Academy is for you! Boasting a 97% success rate, the program is designed to get lasting results quickly. ​ 

Insomnia Coaching

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What  people  are  saying...

What I love most about collaborating with Laura at Mind Body Health Coaching is that she comes up with creative ideas for us to work on together that benefit her business, my business, and most of all our clients.  Laura is a pleasure to work with.  She is fun, optimistic, hard-working, and talented at what she does.  She truly cares about other businesses and business owners in the community and seamlessly makes connections between people.  She is a true team player and community leader!

Sara VanderGoot

Co-Owner of Mind the Mat Yoga and Pilates
Interactive Workshop Client

Start your journey towards a healthier mindset & lifestyle

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